Clockwork objects, enhanced learning: Automata Toys Construction in primary education for Learning to Learn promotion, creativity fostering & Key Competences acquisition, with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

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with the

contribution of


The contribution of Alivola and the Modern Automata Museum at the European Project Clohe:

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But, first, have a look on this page in order to make a very simple automata...



Clohe workshops
Stakeholders Workshop Primary School Workshop Secondary School W/shop



Low Crank slider High Crank slider Crankshaft Eccentric Cam Jumping Cam
Oscillating lever 1 Oscillating lever 2 Ratchet Friction Wheel Double friction wheel


Cardboard Wood Plate Metal and wood Plastic Rubber


How to move
A head An arm A leg A body A mouth
A tail A wing An object    


Materials, tools and equipment
Rotelle guida cordicella, foro 4mm, 20mm/10 pezzi         
Automata Tablet Automata Box materials for the gears materials for the characters Tools


Enrico Baj